What to Expect from Fall Fashion in 2016

Fall fashion fall fashion trends

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

With every year, a new runway of fashion trends struts their way onto store shelves – and into your heart. The fall season is highly recognized as being the best for fashion. It’s all about being comfortable, cozy and chic in styles that are perfect for the chillier days. So, it’s time to get excited about what’s in store for the fall fashion trends. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and credit card because MyTwenty16.com has a wide variety of stunning styles you’ll definitely want to add into your wardrobe.



Looking lavish in lounge clothes

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

Typically, trackpants and hoodies aren’t considered to be “lavish” styles. They’re simply the comfy clothes you wear in your home when you’re cozied up in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate and a good flick. Well, the fall fashion trends have changed this year because lounge clothes are definitely must have items that are intended to be worn outdoors!


Cape worthy fashions for the superwomen of the world

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

Before you grab the capes from your costume box, proceed with caution. Capelets are similar to capes, but in a more chic style than those of a super hero. Instead of draping down your back, this fall fashion trends cuffs your shoulders in a cape-like-fashion. It’s actually quite unique, as it gives a new and innovative look to standard coats, jackets and tunics.


Making a statement in choker necklaces

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

Chokers are so 90’s, and they’ve come back with a vengeance. There’s no denying that choker necklaces are dominating the jewelry industry, and even A-list celebrities are in absolute awe of this blast to the past. So, shorten up the strands on your necklaces and grab styles that wrap tightly around your neck… But not too tightly, of course.


Feeling divine in velvet

fashion trends, fall

Another fall fashion trend this year that was once a style you loved as a little one is velvet! The industry hasn’t seen this fabric trend in a decade – if not longer – so it’s about time this soft, comfortable material has strutted itself back down the runways.


Forget Symmetrical Style

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

Fashions across the globe are loving the asymmetrical look this year. One shoulder shirts and even shirts that only have one sleeve were definitely a common on the catwalks during the fall fashion shows this year. It’s a style that is a little Jekyll and Hyde, offering edge and chic fashion all in one. However, if the asymmetrical look isn't your thing, just show off those shoulders, ladies! 


Grays for days

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

While there are plenty of trending colors for fall, there is one that has definitely won over the hearts of fashion designers across the world – gray. More importantly, this tone is certain to tug at your heartstrings as well. Gray is a nice neutral and alternative to the traditional blacks, browns and creams. And don’t let the dreary color get you down! Gray pairs amazingly well with contrasting tones. So, fight off the overcast with trending blues, teals, turquoises, reds – you name it.


Dressing Classic in Mom Jeans

Fall fashion, fall fashion trends,

Oh no, not the mom jeans! We know what you’re thinking, but the modern spin on this cringe-worthy fashion is actually quite appealing. The trending mom jeans of today have that high waist that is super chic, with a looser fit than the skinny jeans you’re used to. Plus, they’re perfect for those bloated days that will be the death of our tight-fitting ensembles. So, give the mom jeans trend a shot. You’ll be surprisingly pleased.



The fall fashion trends for 2016 are completely unique. The season is bringing back some old classics, but in a more stylish way. Shop at MyTwenty16.com today to turn your seasonal wardrobe into a statement.

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