6 Fun Tools to Organize Your Jewelry the Safe and Stylish Way

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You reach into for your favorite necklace only to notice one thing, it’s tangled up with a bunch of other necklaces, bracelets, earrings – you name it. It’s a fashion struggle many of us ladies can relate to, but it really doesn’t have to be, nor should it be a struggle at all. Plus, you love your fashion accessories, so why treat them poorly? All you need is a little 101 on fun ways to organize your jewelry, and we’ve got the scoop!



Adhesive Wall Hooks for your Necklaces

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

This is by far one of the coolest necklace organizers we’ve ever seen. A lot of other options are big and bulky, and take up valuable space. With this organizer, you just place it on the wall and let your necklaces dangle tangle-free. It’s genius.


48 Holes for all of your Earrings

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

Earrings are another fashion accessory that quickly gets tangled. While they’re fairly easy to get free from a ball of jewelry, it isn’t always as easy finding a matching pair when everything is everywhere. So for the ladies who like to switch up their fashion accessories, an earring organizer is amazing. With 48 holes, you can store 24 pairs of earrings. The vertical stand also takes up minimal space, which is always a bonus, and this is a really cool way to display your awesome sense of style.


72 Holes for Studs

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

The prior option is great, but if you don’t tend to wear dangling earrings, you can get more use out of the space – and your jewelry organizer. Just pin your earrings through the holes like you would your own ears, and your studs will never get lost or damaged when you’re not wearing them. And we all know, studs are small enough to hide into the most inconspicuous areas.


Storage for that Special Pair of Earrings

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

You may have that one pair of earrings that is so stunning, it would be a shame to store them away. They may also be so fancy that you don’t want to store them with costume jewelry and other fashion accessories, or maybe you only have a couple pairs of earrings and have no use for 48 or 72 holes of storage. If this sounds like you, just grab a solo jewelry organizer. It has a soft lining to keep your jewelry sparkling and safe, and displays it when they’re not making a statement within your ensemble.


Store and Display all of your Rings

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

Rings rarely get tangled up into a mess, but they do like to go missing! That’s also not to mention that when they’re sitting around, rings can tarnish, scratch and get regular wear-and-tear much more quickly than they’re supposed to. So, take care of your jewelry with a box that displays and softly stores your prized possessions. The velvet part of this jewelry organizer is a total must have.


Do It Yourself

Fashion accessory, fashion accessories, jewelry, jewelry organizer

You can easily make a jewelry organizer yourself, and there are many do-it-yourself craft ideas out there. You don’t need anything fancy, just a plastic organizing box will work wonders. You just have to store your necklaces and bracelets in separate slots to ensure they don’t get tangled, which is great if you don’t have too many. Otherwise, you’re best option is to use a DIY organizing box for your earrings and rings, and purchase some adhesive hooks for your other accessories.



Let’s start treating our fashion accessories better. With so many affordable options for all your jewelry, there’s really no need to spend hours untangling your necklaces from a giant clump of bracelets and necklaces. Shop at Mytwenty16 today and let your jewelry shine even when you’re not wearing it.



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